Peach Faced Masked Lovebird Hybrid

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The bottom picture shows a hybrid bird. The middle picture shows a blue fischers lovebird.

Species Agapornisstation

Yes they can breed and create hybrid babies.

Peach faced masked lovebird hybrid.
If my finches ever tried making hybrid babies id pull those suckers the second they popped out.
Peach face lovebird.
Note the white forehead and cheeksgrey head and collar.

Exotic pet birds inc ny we ship peach face lovebird hybrid live arrival guarantee these super sweet babies are currently being hand fed and looking for their forever home.
Ok now for your question my lovebirds father is a black masked and fischer cross and his mother was a peach face so which means my lovebird is a hybrid and is all three breeds.
Once the lovebirds start constructing their nest mating will follow.

There are many issues with hybrids according to scientist they do not live as long as pure breds which can be true.
The reason the peach faced is larger is because it is a different species of bird this species is bigger then the masked species.
Note the jet black head and cheeks and white collar.

The peach faced lovebird tucks nesting material in the feathers of its rump while the masked lovebird carries nesting material back in its beak.
Peach faced x masked hybrid.
The characteristics of the peach faced are dominant in this hybrid with a darkened face but not head orange beak and slightly wider eye ring from the masked parent.

A hybrid lovebird is the result of two species lovebirds being cross bred.
I have had a masked x peach faced before but never bred from it myself.
Double violet blackmasked lovebird.

However just becaues they can breed doesnt always mean that they will.
Will perch on hand and loves attention but can be timid at first.
Gorgeous young lovebird only 8 months old and already starting to talk.

Can a black masked lovebird reproduce with a peach face.
This bird is neither fischers or masked but has a mixture of features from both.
The top picture shows a blue masked lovebird.

Im sure i heard somewhere along the lines that certain hybrid young would be such as mix n matching macaw species or the galatiel but lovebirds i have absolutely no idea.
Im sure that like finches if they could the price value would be marked way down.
He is half peach faced and half masked lovebird so he has pretty markings.

Blue series blackmasked lovebird.
Those species which have a prominent area of white bare skin encircling the eye.
Hybridising lovebirds of different species with different behaviours can lead to confusion in the offspring.

Hybrids produced by the pairing of a rosy faced lovebird or peach faced lovebird with one of the eye ring species ie.

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