Peach Faced Lovebird Size

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It multiplies its population very quickly. Eggs follow 35 days later.

Peach Faced Lovebird

The unique and bright mix of colors only adds to the already present cuteness of the masked lovebird.

Peach faced lovebird size.
The peach faced lovebird tucks nesting material in the feathers of its rump while the masked lovebird carries nesting material back in its beak.
If kept alone and given frequent attention the peach faced lovebird is as loving as the family lap dog.
It is basically small in size.

The common pre made seed and pellet mixes aimed at lovebirds will do just fine as the basis of their diet.
As soon as it reaches 10 months old it already starts to breed.
If kept in pairs these birds tend to love the married life to the possible exclusion of the owner.

We disease test our birds and our aviary and guarantee the health of your new baby.
Peach faced lovebirds agapornis roseicollis are one of the larger members of the lovebird familyonly 6 inches long peach faced lovebirds resemble a miniature parrot with a personality to match.
Here is a some list of the peach faced lovebird facts.

To balance it out.
Once the lovebirds start constructing their nest mating will follow.
Hand fed baby lovebird ready for a new home.

This baby hatched on 32619 our birds are raised as part of the family and are socialized healthy and sweet natured.
Peach faced lovebird also known as rosy faced lovebird is a cute energetic and social little bird no matter how you call them.
Generally peach faced lovebirds are predominantly green with a blue rump and a peach colored face and throat but many mutations have been developed through breeding.

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The peach faced lovebird agapornis roseicollis is endemic to the dry country of south west africa and is commonly seen in large flocks of 10 up to 30this species was first reported in the late 1700s at which time it was confused with the red faced lovebird.
This type of lovebird is also like bunnies or rabbits.

During this time the lovebirds will mate repeatedly.
The rosy faced lovebird agapornis roseicollis also known as the rosy collared or peach faced lovebird is a species of lovebird native to arid regions in southwestern africa such as the namib desert.
Always alert and mischievous the peach faced lovebird is a good escape artist and is always energetic and ready to play.

Peach faced lovebird general info.
The peach faced lovebirds are not notorious for having a bad temperament at all.
Peach faced lovebird biting and aggression.

As parrots in the wild the masked lovebird diet is mainly made up of seeds fruits crops and nuts.
Perhaps the most popular pet choice amongst the lovebird family these charming birds are widespread as a family pet and loved for their personalities and ease of care.
This is probably the best known and most popular lovebird species here in the us.

Peach faced lovebird quick facts.
A loud and constant chirper these birds are very social animals and often congregate in small groups in the wild.
Lovebirds though have many sub breeds but the least aggressive and short tempered out of all lovebirds is the peach faced lovebird.

It usually comes in orange and green.

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