Peach Faced Lovebird Behavior

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Some owners teach their lovebirds a variety of tricks. Peach faced lovebird personality and behavior.

Facts About Lovebirds

The lutino mutation occurs when dark melanin pigment is absent from the bird.

Peach faced lovebird behavior.
The vibrant personality of this bird always shows.
The behavior of.
Peach faced lovebirds behavior.

The peach faced lovebird agapornis roseicollis is endemic to the dry country of south west africa and is commonly seen in large flocks of 10 up to 30this species was first reported in the late 1700s at which time it was confused with the red faced lovebird.
Always alert and mischievous the peach faced lovebird is a good escape artist and is always energetic and ready to play.
While the gene that causes lutino coloration is linked to the sex chromosomes it is not exclusive to males or females and will not help you determine gender.

14 fun facts about lovebirds.
If kept alone and given frequent attention the peach faced lovebird is as loving as the family lap dog.
These little birds are well known and seem to be the lovebird that is most commonly kept as a pet.

There are additional species that are less frequently seen in collections.
Their natural behavior is to live closely with a company so are often maintained with another lovebird.
Though they make an extremely nice and affectionate pet when hand rose theyll need a lot of attention if maintained singly.

It is considered a sex linked mutation.
The peach faced lovebirds are very sociable and love companionship.
Peach faced lovebirds agapornis roseicollis are one of the larger members of the lovebird familyonly 6 inches long peach faced lovebirds resemble a miniature parrot with a personality to match.

Fischers lovebirds masked lovebirds peach faced and many mutations of the peach faced lovebird are often kept in homes as companion birds.
Thus the pet owner must be conscious of this fact.
Standing at 5 inches tall the peach faced lovebird is a green bird with an expanse of blue along its rump and a rosy colored face.

The lutino lovebird is a color variation of the peach faced lovebird.
If kept in pairs these birds tend to love the married life to the possible exclusion of the owner.
Generally peach faced lovebirds are predominantly green with a blue rump and a peach colored face and throat but many mutations have been developed through breeding.

Because the peach faced lovebirds behaviors are more complex dilger deemed this species behavior to be ancestral to that of the fischers lovebird.
Monogamy is essential to the social stability of flocks and underlies much of their social behavior.
Just like humans and other pets the peach faced lovebird loves attention.

Peach faced lovebirds in.
Its alertness makes it so quick at finding a way to escape.
Lovebirds pine for each other.

It is naturally mischievous.
This is probably the best known and most popular lovebird species here in the us.

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