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Peach faced lovebirds will nest in a wide varieties of nest designs from the basic budgie box parrot logs to specialty lovebird nest boxes. They are not common in australia as other lovebirds.

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Get a peach faced lovebird.

Peach faced lovebird australia.
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They originate from.
If you look at a map of the distribution of the peach faced lovebird in africa you will notice that the tropic of capricorn that runs through their area also runs through australia.

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Peach face lovebird housing you can keep your peach faced lovebirds in either and a very outdoors or a cage inside.
Commercially made lovebird breeding boxes can be purchased cheaply form most bird dealers or pet shops.

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A loud and constant chirper these birds are very social animals and often congregate in small groups in the wild.
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In both cases they will require multiple purchase and toys to play with.
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A pure wild type normal is now considered rare in australia.
The rosy faced lovebird agapornis roseicollis also known as the rosy collared or peach faced lovebird is a species of lovebird native to arid regions in southwestern africa such as the namib desert.
Masked and fischers lovebirds are members of the white eye ringed group of lovebirds.

The madagascar lovebird was once held but has not been seen since about 1990.
For handraising available pickup from busby pls call not hand tame aviary birds not peachface or masked.
If you opt for an indoor cage decay should be at least 50 centimetres square and 70 cm high with multiple perches.

The most popular of the lovebird species in australia and worldwide with more than 70 colour mutations occurring in the natural red face also yellow faced and white faced mutations.
I am certain that this is why they breed so well in this country.
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The 5 species currently listed on the inventory of exotic non native bird species known to be in australia 2002 held in australia are from africa.
Peach faced lovebirds are easily found in pet stores and range in price from 25 for a normal green to 200 or more for a rarer mutation which you will probably have to buy from a breeder.

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