Love Birds Cage Setup

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Clean the cage regularly. Cages flights recommendations set up ideas size.

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Toys are a must for these active parrots.

Love birds cage setup.
Like most birds lovebirds love to exercise and require the largest cage that your budget and space can afford.
Having a bird as a pet demands a cage to keep it and adore it.
Food and water dishes need to be washed daily.

At a bare minimum a cage should be large enough for your bird to be able to freely spread both its wings and hop around in the cage.
Provide your lovebirds with the biggest cage that you can afford and have space for.
Ask someone at a pet store or do research online to find out how far apart the bars should be spaced for your bird species.

If you are a new bird lover and want to own bird as pet you need to know some simple tips regarding the bird and its cage set up.
Keeping a clean and sanitary environment for your caique helps to keep them happy and healthy.
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They spend their lives or most of their days in their cages make it a fun environment.
Bird cage is a set up for enjoyment at your home where you can start your day listening to the chirps and singing of the birds.
If indoor cage breeding is preferred get a good size breeding cage a cage that is large enough for you to put the nesting box in.

Lovebirds that are cooped up in a small cage and never given any freedom tend to become neurotic and can develop self mutilating habits.
Be sure to out the daily live stream running 247 hi all in this video we run through how to keep you pet lovebird happy and healthy by introducing some fresh fruit and a few other bits.
This gets taken care of automatically in the wild since trees always provide branches of many sizes.

The cage aviary should be large enough for natural branches toys i love creative fun homes for my birds.
A bird is on his feet all the time even while sleeping.
To set up a bird cage pick a sturdy cage thats at least twice as tall and twice as wide as the wingspan of your bird.

The minimum cage size for a single paired lovebird is 18w x 22l x 18h.
Liners needs to be changed daily.
First and most important provide a variety of widths to perch on inside the cage.

As with all birds the bigger the cage the better.
Once your cage is set up the way you and your bird like it all you need to do is a bit of regular maintenance.
The size of the bird dictates the size of the cage and its bar spacing and thickness.

Lovebirds are very active birds and need a cage large enough to accommodate this need.

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