Green Peach Faced Lovebird

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Apart from how it looks this kind of bird has a huge personality as well. Opaline instead of the normal peach or red colored face the opaline color mutation entire head is reds except some pale grey to violet ear patches in some birds.

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Green peach faced lovebird.
The face and throat are pink darkest on the forehead and above the eye.
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Peach face lovebirds fall into two color series green series dominant blue series recessive blue series has 3 recognized variants dutch blue also known as aqua white faced blue also known as turquoise sea green also known as aqua turquoise other than just the base color there are many mutations.
We disease test our birds and our aviary and guarantee the health of your new baby.
Baby blue is a tame beastie of mine full grown sibling to the lovebird babies shown below.

Hand fed baby lovebird ready for a new home.
Blue mutation of peachfaced lovebird what a poser.
Its cuteness and color can be among the major attractions to those looking for a bird.

Missing peach face green lovebird 9june 2019 at 1pm kindly help us lookoutfind our greenie that flew out from 682 race course road on 9june at 1pm area around race course tessensohn farrer park serangoon rd area he is a male with right leg c ring tamed full flight wing not clipped cos he is super tame someone might have taken him pls contact 9100 1688 9003 5758.
Wild birds are mostly green with a blue rump.
Compared to wild colored green peach face the opalines body plumage is a lighter shade of green and its rump is green while the normal peach face lovebird has a blue rump.

This baby hatched on 32619 our birds are raised as part of the family and are socialized healthy and sweet natured.
The peach faced lovebirds or agapornis roseicolli is a well loved pet because of a number of reasons.
The peach faced lovebird is approximately 6 inches long and comes in an artists palate array of colors.

The nominate or normal bird is green with a shiny blue rump and rosy peach face hence the name.
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Dutch blue blue pied peach faced lovebirds.

Australian cinnamon and lutino lovebirds matilda above left is a green.
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The rosy faced lovebird is a fairly small bird 1718 cm long with an average wing length of 106 mm and tail length of 4452 mm.

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