Creamino Peach Faced Lovebird

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Creamino peach faced lovebird.
They are also called rosy faced lovebirds.
The name peach face lovebird often gets confused as being the birds mutation aka color when in fact it is the species of lovebird their scientific name is agapornis roseicollis.
The projected offspring for this project is a lovebird agapornis roseicollis which is almost all white with a yellow tint on the wings and head.

Creamino violet cinnamon peach face lovebird.
Creamino lovebirds are the closest thing to albinism in the peach faced lovebird species.
The science of rosy faced lovebird colour genetics deals with the heredity of colour variation in the feathers of the species known as agapornis roseicollis commonly known as the rosy faced lovebird or peach faced lovebird.

So you can have dutch blue creaminos seagreen creaminos and white faced creaminos.
For the rest of this article i will be addressing this as a white lovebird.
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Peach face lovebird.
Rosy faced lovebirds have the deepest range of mutations available of all the agapornis species.
Creaminoism occurs when a blue series peach faced lovebird has the ino mutation.

They are both inos.
The creamino peachface lovebird mutation how am i able to breed one from scratch.
Chicken little singing preening protecting her baby lutino peach faced lovebird sibling agapornis.

The rump also will have barely yellow on it.
A lutino is an ino bird with a green base color.
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A creamino is a ino with a blue base color.
There are 3 blues white faced dutch blue and seagreen.
Pesona lovebird creamino yang silaukan mata dan.

Can be delivered all over pak in 24 hours through airways railways and road ways live and.
Notable traits of the creamino violet cinnamon peach face lovebird bird.
Peach faced agapornis roseicollis latin name.

The creamino peach face lovebird has a pale yellow body and a white face with an apricot band over their eyes.
They are from africa.
Instead of the bird being yellow and red the birds yellow coloring is diluted to the point where it is almost white.

I have read that you need to breed a lutino over a dutch blue or turquoise and then breed on of those babies back over a dutch blue and you should get some shade of creamino.
The average life span of a peach face lovebird is 15 years.

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