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A lovebird is the common name of agapornis greek. This goes for a blue bird who is supposedly split to green or any mutation split to american pied.

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Ornis ornis bird a small genus of parroteight species are native to the african continent with the grey headed lovebird being native to madagascar.

Blue color love birds.
Love birds are bantam versions of parrots.
They are beautiful animated and playful birds that have adapted well to domestication.
Seven from the drier regions of african and one from madagascar.

The blue masked lovebird is a favorite color variety of the masked lovebird.
Agaporni fischeri sable arlequin azul fischers blue sable pied lovebird.
They are native to northeast tanzania and have been introduced to burundi and kenya.

True blue many breeders havent a clue what a true blue is or looks like.
The yellow collared lovebird agapornis personatus also called masked lovebird or eye ring lovebird is a monotypic species of bird of the lovebird genus in the parrot family psittaculidae.
Peachfaced lovebirds come in a variety of colors.

Not everybody is able to give this special bird the time commitment it needs.
There are eight different species.
True blue popped out and developed by a close friend and isnt a selectively bred bird.

A pet lovebird that is given little attention is probably one of the saddest sights i can think of.
These are not true blue birds like you get with fischers for this reason you wont get an albino peachfaced lovebird which is a blue based bird but you can get albino fischers lovebirds.
Friendly and easy to care for the blue masked lovebird will make a delightful and enjoyable addition to any household.

Social and affectionate the name comes from the parrots strong monogamous pair bonding and the long periods which paired birds spend sitting together.
The opalines body color is light green and the rump is green a non opaline green has a blue rump.
On the other hand poorly socialized or even abused lovebirds are typically very aggressive and gaining their trust and love is very time consuming.

Dutch blue lovebirds take about a full year to reach their jewel like bluish green coloring.
Remember color mutations occur within the same species of lovebird so you should never mix species.
See below for some more information on the nine species of lovebirds.

Below are some photos.
A true is hatched as such.
Though easily bred in captivity this attractive variation also occurs naturally in the wild.

Ive seen so many claiming true blue when in reality is just a blue series bird.
Love birds measure approximately 5 to 7 inches 13 to 19 cm in.
What that means is that in order to get a slate love bird both parents must carry the dutch blue gene either visually or split.

Top 26 type of love bird.
Different lovebirds color mutation lovable pet birds ilovebirds bird channel.
They are all agapornis roseicollis.

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